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Our courses are planned and executed as bridges leading

students to successful employment or further study.


Wide Range of Activities

The trainer’s ability to simplify German learning process through enjoyable and engaging scenarios and role-plays using learning theories and modern technology is what sets LGLI apart.


Professional Exposure

Our students get an increased exposure to like-minded professionals and networks thereby sharpening their vocational and/or educational prospects in Germany.


Small Size Classes

Our classes are like mini groups and we keep numbers to a strict minimum of 8 (max 10), favouring both student interaction and ensuring individual attention.


Lively, Effective Teaching

Our practical and efficient teaching method aims to cover both linguistic and cultural skills whilst developing students’ ability to communicate. We favour active oral expression and comprehension without neglecting written German. Our students enjoy an unparalleled German language learning and cultural immersion through the well-researched course content and learning strategies at every level. 


Individual Care – Tutoring

Our students get personal evaluation of their skills and abilities at every stage in line with the requirements of the integrated curriculum. You also get help with learning outside the class; our Trainer can help pinpoint your needs and draw up a work program or just recommend German books for self-studying.


Regular Assessments

Assessments are an integral part of your German course at LGLI. Our Trainer ensures you are assessed on a regular basis. At the end of each cycle, every student is graded by the Trainer to acknowledge his/her understanding of the language as well as progress.



Our students receive certificate of completion attesting their language proficiency and achievement at the end of every course level. This multilingual certification would provide professionals as well as students a competitive edge in today’s world.

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